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Bloom Luxury Soy Candle - Rose+Lilac+Musk 8 oz

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$30.00 CAD

Draw a bath, toss in a bath bomb, light this candle and relax.  Warm scent to help you unwind.  Memories of spring and summer to get you through the cool winter nights.  Rose and Lilac with a hint of musk.

Net weight: 8 oz.

Burn time: 40 - 48 hrs.

Recyclable packaging:  Glass jar.

Cruelty-free, 100% vegan, high quality luxury phthalate and paraben-free fragrance and essential oils.

Organic and 100% biodegradable, clean-burning soy wax (no harmful black soot) free from toxins, made from vegetables.  Cotton lead-free wicks.